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looked at this too much this morning. the yellow are the tropical storm force winds. the orange are strong tropical storm winds. red is hurricane. grazing the outer banks. east of the bay you will see the winds. around here our impact will be minimal. temperatures 75 going up to t 95. we are getting the 6:00 hour started. happy thursday, everybody. we begin in silver spring where we have wayne avenue shut down between georgia avenue rein 29 because of police activity that carried over from the things that happened at the discovery channel yesterday. this is at ridge road where it meets bethesda church road. use caution this way. 270 southbound. switch the camera over and show you head lights.
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building in volume from germantown road to 370. 3 t 85, your delay is here stretching from duke to seminary and getting word there is an accident heading northbound at 1100 taking away the lane. we are following the latest developments this the discovery building standoff. it's over, but there's still a lot going on. there's a lot of police activity in downtown silver spring. several police forces are combing for any extra evidence. we're learning more about the suspect, james lee, in particular, his bizarre environmental manifesto. and police are talking to the three hostages trying to get anymore information. joining us for the latest on the investigation is chief tom major with the montgomery county police department. thanks for joining us. obviously, teams have been sweeping the building, looks for explosive devices. is the build all clear at this point orb are there still
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people inside working. >> we have folks still inside working. it is a methodical time consumer prices to render the devices we knew to be there to be safe. the suspect had four devices on his person and two boxes and two backpacks that had items in them that he brought in. the bomb squad has been working through the night to get those items, identify the items and make them safe we are still working in there. hopefully we will be done soon. >> reporter: you say you have detonated some devices. that tell us us they are real devices a sense of what kind of devices and how much damage these could have done. >> the bomb squad folks were such great value yesterday. we had pictures of the suspect an we had pictures of the devices on his person and they gave us an idea of what they thought the damage could be if one of those devices was
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detonated. that helped us in terms of keeping folks away from the building, knowing how far to keep folks away these were -- the devices on his person were two propane tanks, like the kind that a camper might use in a little stove. he had two pipe bombs that had shotgun shells in them. one of the issues that concerned us the most yesterday during the negotiations is he appeared to have what appeared to be a switch in his hand with an antenna on it. so we were concerned there was a radio-controlled switch. during the negotiations he would pull a pin out of the switch and put it back in. we were concerned about what kind of devices he had and both in the box and the pack pack as well as what he had on his person. >> they sound like somewhat sophisticated devices. do we have a sense of how he
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could have assembled this or if he had help with this. >> we don't know that yesterday. the devices weren't that sophisticated. in fact, the more we go through them, it appears that perhaps he sort of crudely put it together. he had ingredients that definitely would have presented a danger. >> thanks for joining us. chief tom manger with the montgomery county police department. >> thank you. this morning there's police activity in downtown silver spring and we will check in with kristin fisher right now. what can you tell us about the scene reit now? >> i can tell you it is a lot less chaotic than yesterday afternoon, but we still have quite a bit of police activity here just outside of the discovery channels headquarters in silver spring. what we are hearing is that there are still quite a police presence inside of the building. we know the bulk of the building is indeed clear now.
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the majority of this building behind me is okay. no ieds scattered throughout but right now police are stilled in and they are focusing in on the lobby where the activity took place. that's where the gunman was. that's where he was holding the three people hostages and where the focus of the investigation will be centered over the next several hours. right now it is seeming like they are switching from this explosives investigation to the more forensic side of things. that's not confirmed, but that's what they have been saying they were planning on doing and it appears they have started to shift toward that aspect of the investigation. now, you were just chatting with the police chief and i want to gofer exactly what type of explosive devices are or were. now, remember, the suspect walked in to the building with two boxes and two backpacks and we knew they were possibly some sort of explosive device. we don't know what kind.
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we know there were two propane tanks the kind you would use when you go camping. those were two objects he suspect brought in and two pipe bombs with shotgun shells inside. we don't know how powerful those pipe bombs were or if they would have worked but we know that is what he was trying to either set off or that's what he was threatening people with an he had a switch in his hand with some sort of antenna and that was certainly causing a concern among the hostage negotiators. they were worried he could possibly detonate at anytime an we know three devices were ex-- were detonated last nigh. clearly didn't do any damage to the building we will have more on this coming up. thank you. three people held hostage during the ordeal are safe this
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morning. we hope to hear from some of them later told one was a producer with tlc. he issued a statement which reads in part -- police say the hostages ran out as police ran in to take lea in to custody. they arrived with orwitnesses to wednesday's standoff. the group faces a series of questions from officers who are piecing together exactly what happened. >> executives from discovery -- >> we will continue to talk to them. find out what happened, what do they know an what can they tell us. >> reporter: executives from discovery method with the hostages and say three people held are doing well but wouldn't elaborate on thank you
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for joining us there are plenty of questions this morning about the man at the center of the standoff. james lee was sentenced to spend time in a mental institution in 2008. reports show he didn't but he spent time in jail. he was released on probation that ended two weeks ago he ran a website making demands of the discovery channel. he wanted it to promote human sterilization programming saying humans were the cause of virallal problems. he was known to people at discovery for his protests. >> at that point in time there was never a threat of any violence, but you got the impression that he one stable. >> reporter: lee was videotaped throwing money around in downtown silver spring. he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and littering. there's a lot more to the story. and you can count on 9 news now to stay on top of it and follow developments on-line at right now get more reaction from people who witnessed the
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standoff. read james lee bizarre manifesto and leave your comments on the story. it is all on the front page at it is 6:09. a check on other stories making news coming up. a large part of the east coast is bracing for hurricane earl. in four minutes a live report from the outer banks. right now howard bernstein begins the daily focus on maryland's weather and traffic. >> a lot more of earl at 6:15, but maryland another day of sunshine and heat. let's get you started. not too bad right now. temperatures in the 80s and 70s out. there a little on the muggy side as we approach the 9:00 hour. we will approach the 80-degree mark. annapolis 79. pax river 78. sunshine for noon and temperatures in the upper 80s. 90 in hagerstown. 87 easton and this afternoon back over the 90-degree mark. low to mid-90s for highs and better by the weekend.
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>> maryland, we have problems out. there begin with 270 northbound approaching route 800. an accident is taking away all lanes going northbound and it is affecting the southbound traffic, as well. it is jammed and a lot of rubbernecking going on. trying to pass urbana area you will see a lot of congestion. move over to damascus. another trouble spot at ridge road going northbound. all lanes are closed at bethesda church road because of another crash. and going westbound on wayne avenue, continental access lanes between georgia and colesville. eastbound you are okay. 9 news now will be right back.
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we are back with the latest on hurricane earl. it is packing a punch. here's a look at how it looks from the bash space station. huge. officials in ocean city, maryland say it is highly unlikely evacuations will be necessary there. the resort town hasn't ben vac waited since hurricane gloria in 1985. this is an important weekend financially for ocean city. leaders there don't want you to cancel your vacation, maybe just delay it a little bit. one place that is dealing with evacuations this morning is the outer banks of north carolina. right now let's get a live report from nags head, north carolina. we are joined from phillip jones of our sister station
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wfmy. thanks for joining usment how are preparations going there? >> it has been a busy last 24 hourses along the outer banks of north carolina an the attitude toward the storm has changed since we talked to you yesterday morning. in fact, at this time a lot of people were taking hurricane earl a little lightly. he was in the back of their minds but they weren't sure how strongly they will react. but that has changed. there are mandatory evacuations in some areas because of fears of overwash and trouble on the roads. a couple of hours south of here, another island which houses popular vacation destinations like emerald isle are facing evacuations going on right now. a lot of north carolina strongest tourism engines are having to turn tourists away at
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this hour. the area we are in has not seen evacuation orders yet and only if we get hurricane winds here is that likely to happen but attitudes have changed when we went out to dinner last night a lot of locals seemed visibly rattled and shaken by the storm. they have seen a lot and they were clearly, clearly worried about what earl will do. a strong storm heading in this direction. schools in the area closed today and tomorrow. they are hoping after earl passes by they will be able to get in to clinton administration on monday an welcome the tour -- back in to class on monday and welcome the tourists back. the clouds we are looking at are earl's outer bands. >> stay safe. we thanks for joining us this morning to tell us about the situation where you are at. >> absolutely. of course we are following the situation for the
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washington area. little different scenario in store for us. >> we will have minimal impact in the region. beaches in maryland, delaware, virginia could have winds 5880 miles an hour along the delmarva coast sun is coming up in 2 minutes. it is 6:28. t 1 at noon. 92 at five. a high near t 5. right now 75- degrees with a few high clouds. clear to partly cloudy tonight. 66 to 75. some high clouds from earl move in. tomorrow, well, hazy sunshine and could be overcast with high clouds in the morning earl
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east, much stronger to the atlantic ocean. down to t andrews. 64 mass transit. 72 winchester. steve in cross junction was 68 and martinburg 666. temperatures in the 70s. it is muggier out there and winds are fairly light thanks to high pressure still here. but the fronts are coming. it will give us a good weekend an help to push earl to the northeast opposed to the west and you can see that turn where earl is starting to move more up opposed to closer to the coast. it will be a close call as far as cape hatteras is concerned with winds now 18 a. as -- 14 a
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. looks like it will come to maine and nova scotia by saturday morning and leaves for the week some the weekend looks better. as far as the warnings, we have hurricane warnings in eastern north carolina. tropical storm warnings for virginia. our storm surge is one to three feet above normal tide. so minor problems. though seven-day forecast, temperatures are still hot. 95 today. t 0ish tomorrow. over the weekend, significantly cooler. 78 on saturday. sunday 80. the labor day forecast looks fabulous. here's angie. right now just action packed across the region.
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not how i really like it. we will begin with a look at 270. what's going on out here? approaching 80 is where we have the crab activity. -- crash activity. southbound is where we feel the pain. jammed from frederick past the scene. right now we will take it to the maps and show you damascus, northbound ridge road and bethesda church road. the scene is improving. only losing one right lane for drivers. taking it to silver spring. we have been following the situation since yesterday. switching the camera over to the wayne avenue area. we are losing all westbound lanes between colesville road and georgia avenue. let's end with virginia 395. with have crash activity off to the shoulder. it appears you are slow starting or trying to approach the scene and before that from the beltway to king street. back to jessica. it is just about 6:19.
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this morning middle east peace talks get underway in washington for the first time in two years. israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian abbas will meet at the state department. secretary of state hillary clinton will serve as mediator. it marks the first direct negotiations between the two sides sense october of 2008. president obama hopes this is the first in a series of meetings leading to the creation of a palestinian state. maryland state senator curry will face charges of bribery, conspiracy, mail fraud and extortion. the 73-year-old democrat from prince georges county was indicted on 18 counts by a federal grand jury yesterday. the u.s. attorneys office says curry it legally used his influence to benefit shoppers food warehouse. he is accused of asking to be put on the payroll in return for using his office to aid the grocery chain. the virginia dmv is on-line after a computer crash shut down the agency for a week.
6:20 am
that means people trying to get driver's licenses and i.d. cards will soon be able to do so. they estimate as many as 45,000 were unable to review during the outage. as a result all locations will be open until 6:00 p.m. tonight an tomorrow. it 16:20. ahead in sports, a preview of the preseason tune in for in the redskins. and what led to this fight between the nationals than marlins. take
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good morning you probably know morgan as the nationals center fielder but before the got in to baseball than is totally serious he was a top flight junior hockey player in canada and if there is one thing hockey players never know how to do is drop the gloves. the game out of hand early.
6:24 am
olson pitching against his old team got ten runs in the first two innings and got interesting in the sixth. morgan ran over the marlins catch they are night before and separated his shoulder gets a pitch behind he -- behind the back and ready to rumble. and he gets clocked and both benches clear, the bull pen, too. three guys ejected. morgan hands in the air as he leaves the field an absolute. a may la in florida last night. nats lose to the fish 16100. reskins preseason finale tonight. hanes wto will play extensively in the game but if the coaches don't like what they will see, the source says they may deactivate big al for the opener against the cowboys. haynesworth has just two tackled this preseason. that's a look at sports this
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thursday. i'm brett haber. up next the latest on the two big stories today, 24 hours after the standoff ended in silver spring. still buzzing with police activity. a live report is minutes away. plus, bracing for hurricane earl. it is moving closer to the coast. howard has the latest track and the impact on our forecast when 9 news now óó óó
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
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quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we were aware of him but did not take his threats or demands seriously. >> a deadly standoff at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. what we know this morning about james lee and the latest on his hostages and what police are saying about the investigation. that is all coming up. good morning. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is on vacation. we are tracking the latest on hurricane earl. there are emergency declarations in maryland and virginia this morning. that will ali local an state governments to better coordinate their efforts the storm is not expected to make direct land fall on the delmarva or outer banks but that isn't stopping people from cutting short their vacations to the beach. >> this our vacation for the
6:30 am
summer. it's the only week we have and we are sticking it out to see what happens. >> my message for the people in north carolina is a simple one, it's to be prepared. >> reporter: in preparation of the storm, amtrak is cancelling some southbound trains. train 86 and 7 today will determine nate in richmond instead of newport news. of course howard bernstein has been tracking the storm for us and what can we expect. >> the immediate dc metro, not much. high clouds and a lil breeze. east of the bay where you get rain and along the beaches from ocean city, rehoboth, winds gust to 580 miles an hour. as you are under tropical storm warnings. show you where earl is right now. it is east of florida. spinning away. winds at 145 the winds are the factor here. look at how they get closer to the coast as we get to tonight. the orange ones is like a
6:31 am
severe thunderstorm. the red being hurricane-force winds. we will have gusts 20 to 30- miles from hatteras. tomorrow morning we will have the tropical storm conditions affecting our beaches through the noon hour. we will have to watch this. i'm not even talking about the waves or the storm surge that will follow here. around here a quiet morning with temperatures in the 60s to mid-70s right now. a little mug gym today 80 by -- muggy. today 8 -- 80 by noon. finally better news. looks like ridge road an bethesda church road the accident has cleared and 270 accident approaching 80 is cleared out of the way. southbound delays have not however. jammed germantown road to montross. in silver spring, going westbound on wayne avenue, you can't. it is closed between georgia avenue and colesville road
6:32 am
because of ongoing police activity. eastbound lanes are doing fine. 395 northbound, it is one solid delay from the beltway to king street. and using the brakes, a hot dash whole lot again. police from several jurisdictions remain at the discovery builting. they are looking for evidence. today we hope to hear from three people held hostage. they made it out safely and hope to learn more about james lee, the environmentalist whose bizarre passion led to a standoff. police are still lacking for clues and evidence. discovery building is at georgia avenue and colesville road. kristin fisher is live with the
6:33 am
latest. good news. we listened the building has been creased of explosives but there is a significant police presence inside of the lobby at the discover channels headquarters. they are going to be likely there for some point in time. we didn't know if the employees who were evacuated yesterday if they will be allowed to return to work today. my best guess is that's not going to happen tone today. that's just a guess. it is my guess based on the am of police activity on the ground here but that's the situation right now. in total, overnight here's what happened. two box an two backpacks that lee, the suspect brought in the building were detonated. we don't know if they had explosives inside of them. that's something police need to figure out but there were ieds on lee himself. think were all removed and detonated.
6:34 am
that's the good news. 30 minutes ago we spoke to montgomery county police chief. here's what he had to say about the type of explosives they have been dealing with. >> in the device on his person were two propane tanks, like the kind a a camper may use in a little stove. he had two pipe bombs that had shotgun shells in them. >> reporter: the police chief also says that lee was holding some kind of switch in his hand with an antenna. the fear of course being that he might be able to remotely activate some of those explosive devices. fortunately that did not happen. as we now know, that clearly did not happen and the building has been cleared of all explosives but again we have a substantial police presence on the scene and it will likely continue to be that way throughout the day. discovery channel employees will have to wait and see when they will be able to return back to this building.
6:35 am
back to you. >> we are learning bizarre details about the man who started the standoff james lee was on the fringe of the environment at movement and he demanded that discovery change their programming to combat pollutants and the pollutants according to lee were the human race. -- people who knew lee while he lived on the streets talked about him. >> i knew him as being a nice person and he was against animal cruelty. >> he doesn't like the way that discovery treated animals. >> reporter: lee was known to people working at discovery for his frequent protests outside of the company's headquarters. people say that -- police say rather, that they decided to take out lee after he pulled a gun on a hostage.
6:36 am
the three people held by lee were held in silver spring police station last night. they were met by discovery channel executives including steven levy. >> how are the guys? >> everyone is doing great. really, truly. >> will you let us talk to them? >> they are fog gray. >> reporter: we hope to hear from some of the witnesses today. one hostage released a now for continuing coverage of the story. the cbs "early show" will be live in silver spring and they will talk about the standoff. you can follow developments on-
6:37 am
line at get reaction from people who witnessed the standoff and read comments on the story. it is on the front page at it is 6:37. still to come how the hampton roads area is preparing for hurricane earl and from the campaign trail in dc. in 12 minutes why mayor fenty's wife is making headlines. right now a focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> tomorrow will be more interesting, especially in eastern virginia but a quiet morning with temperatures in many areas in the 80s and a real need for rain. speaking of our weather watchers out in like charlie in catlett. leesburg 77. culpeper 75. checking out by noon, winchester 91. fredericksburg 87. this afternoon we are looking at temperatures in the low 90s,
6:38 am
maybe t 5 for the high. right now virginia, slow goes seem to be your story this morning. we are jammed from 50 to nutley. that delay is growing. taking you to 395. tracking the northbound trip and it ain't moving fast. plus 10 to 15 minutes and slow from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. flying high above the dulles toll road. no incidents or accidents along the way past the airport to hundreder mill. continuing to route 7. it is 38. -- 6:38. hope you are off to a great start. we'll be right back. mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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88. this morning the top down loads for the amazon, kindle an no surprise here, steve larson's series dominates the top three spots the girl with the dragon tattoo, the first book in the series is number
6:43 am
one. freedom, a novel is number four. hampton roads, virginia is getting ready to deal with earl and it could see a major brush from the storm. joining me on the phone is the public relations manager for the city. what is the city doing to keep people who live there and visitors safe from the storm? >> to begin with, we have been preparing for storms for decades in the hampton roads area. so every storm we learn something new and right now we are going through the plans and looking a violent and making sure batteries and generators work. we have flood gates and we are testing those. testing systems to make sure they are working. >> what kind of damage, if any, are you expecting at this point from earl? >> if you look at the hampton roads area, starting south of here at the outer banks they will get more extreme weather, mainly flooding. we are on the west side of the
6:44 am
hurricanes. so she winds shouldn't be as bad as if we were on the east side. tidal flooding is what we are looking for. >> that is a serious concern for folks. this would be a big travel folks for otherwise. do you think this is a lost weekend for tourism in your area. >> there's a lot going on in norfolk and virginia beach this weekend an saturday, sunday and monday look gorgeous. it is a matter of having a few hours of batten down the hatches and expecting rain, which we need badly by the way but we are encouraging people to come down. >> so definitely saturday, sunday looking like a decent time for you? >> looks like it will come through this time tomorrow morning in the hampton roads area. >> we wish you the best and we will talk to you later. >> thank you. >> thank you. of course howard bernstein is here with a look at how we are looking with earl if you have beach plans, friday will be rough but after that it will
6:45 am
be fine. around here one to two , maybe three feet worse-case scenario is what we are looking at. that's why we have a coastal flood advisory up tonight and extend it until the storm passes or through friday morning. get you going with the bus stop forecast. we are in good shape. no problems today except it will be hot again. 60s and 70s to start. clear and mild. visibilities not so bad either. not seeing patches of fog but could be an outlying area far west of town that is showing that and sun is up at 6:38. noontime 91. 92 with a few high clouds at 5:00. highs pushing the 95-degree mark and we start the trend in the right direction. 65 to 75 under clear to partly cloudy skies. high clouds move in advance of earl. 7:37 on the sunset. hazy sun and high clouds.
6:46 am
might be overcast for a while with earl affecting east. rain on the eastern shore and the beaches, the atlantic beeps will get a pounding from this even though the heart of the storm will be far enough east. right now 75 here in washington and annapolis and cambridge. mid-70s south in pax river. charlie is 64 in catlett. winchester 71. petersburg and cumberland, at 61. reagan national 758 with mostly sunny skies. dew point in the mid-60s. allile sticky. the humidity has come up from where it was a couple of days ago. high pressure is with us now but the fronts will help to move the high and earl, the high clouds there are earl. different look at earl. the color-enhanced satellite imagery the eye is impressive.
6:47 am
25-mile diameter. and earl is moving more north and making the turn moving north northwest at 18. and when storms move fast there is a lot of inertia and mass an tougher to turn and close to hatteras at 2:00 tonight. winds still 135 miles an hour. they could have 100-mile an hour gusts in hatteras. that's why people are leaving hatteras. but the storm moves to the north. category three storm weakening by tomorrow morning. we look at it even with chicatee and then it passes us. a hurricane watch for sesames mass right now tropical storm warnings as far as long island and then it will head to the bay and cause flooding up here by the time we get to saturday. but our weather over the
6:48 am
weekend will improve greatly. if you are going to beach or have a vacation, friday is maybe a lost day but the rest of it will be good. the seven-day forecast, near 95 today. 90ish tomorrow. a lot of high clouds around. may see clearing in the afternoon. the storm pulls awayful beautiful and cool over the weekend. back in the 80s for lay score -- labor day. >> right now looks like things are starting to clear as far as incidents or accidents. we are dealing with tieups that carried over from yesterday. let's take you there. on wayne avenue, all lanes are closed if you are going westbound between georgia avenue an colesville road. in is in silver spring. eastbound lanes are getting by final on the outer loop, you are jammed from 95 to georgia. plus, ten to 12 minutes for this. virginia accidents going 95 southbound check it out.
6:49 am
losing three lanes and northbound is the biggest delays stretching from the beltway to king and approaching the 14th street bridge. we will end with a look at 495 in virginia. everything is okay out here from braddock to 66. no incidents or accidents along the way. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. the wife of dc mayor fenty is making an emotional plea to voters. she's asking them to give her husband a second chance. >> everything he's ever done is for his community. this is his city and these are his people and the hard charging way that he has behaved is for the people of the city. >> reporter: michelle fenty's plea came after yesterday's debate with her husband and vincent gray. poms show fenty trails gray by 17 points. police report two quick arrests in connection with a robbery in college park,
6:50 am
maryland. 22-year-old max seen of greenbelt and a 15-year-old accomplice are charged with two counts of robbery. a warrant has been obtained for a third suspect, he is 23-year- old negro davis. today prince georges county police will give a safety briefing with students. this is one of the stories from our news where you live website. it covers more than 50 communities in our region. no story is too big or too small. check it out today at no. in sports morgan will probably get suspended for this incident last night in south florida. >> florida at this top of the order an the ball is behind him. here we go. nigh jell morgan against here's the benches. >> morgan along two more marlins manager were ejected. the nats lose this one 18-10.
6:51 am
we will have the highlights and the post game reaction here tomorrow morning on 9 news now. we have 75 degrees here in northwest washington. nearly 30 hours later and police remain on the scene at the discovery building in silver spring. the latest on the story is three minutes away. ♪ ♪
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here's what is in the news right now. a live look at downtown silver spring, maryland. police are on the scene combing through evidence in yesterday's standoff. the hostage taker james lee was shot dead by police his three hostages were all rescued and are safe and unharmed. middle east peace talks begin this morning at the state d. israeli and palestinians were sit down for the first time in two years. both sides met with president obama last night.
6:55 am
parts of the outer bank are being evacuated ahead of hurricane earl. evacuations aren't expected for the delmarva. warnings and watches are posted from the carolinas all the way to new england. >> that's right. we have tropical storm warnings for the delmarva. around here a sunny and hot day. 91 at noon. topping off near 95. the seven-day forecast, looking at the holiday weekend and angie's traffic when we return. fiber one chewy bar.
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out in silver spring, all westbound lanes of wayne avenue are shut down. police activity is blocking off georgia and colesville. next from sky nine. 270 is slow approaching route 80 thanks to an accident and
6:59 am
slow father hurley to the split. 395 southbound at 1100, another accident on the shoulder. another crash we are getting word of on the off ramp from the gw parkway. over to howard. >> hot today and 95. a lot of high clouds tomorrow but not much impact, 90 degrees. much cooler over the weekend. labor day in the upper 80s and 90s back by next tuesday. >> the "early show" of course is next. they will be live in silver spring where more on the discovery standoff. plus, dave price is tracking hurricane earl. >> as are the rest of us. the next newscast is at noon. get the latest weather and traffic updates at >> have a great thursday and we will see you starting at 4:25. we will have the morning cut ins.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 13, Virginia 11, Maryland 9, Georgia 8, James Lee 5, Washington 4, North Carolina 4, Winchester 3, Damascus 2, Catlett 2, Kristin Fisher 2, Colesville 2, Nats 2, Germantown 2, Angie 2, Charlie 2, Bernstein 2, Braddock 1, Vincent Gray 1, Michelle Fenty 1
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